Monday, 3 September 2012


This hall stand was damaged goods the mirror was broken, timber missing, cracking, legs falling off but I see it as a challenge.

Here is the before picture and I will upload the picture of it finished as it is still in progress.


When I came across this buffet it was literally falling to pieces and fit for the bin.  However the worse it is the better for me.

It was missing two door panels so I had no idea what I would do to fix it.  About 2 months later I came across an old antique bed that had three timber panels on it and guess what there was my three doors I needed.  I replaced the two end panels and fixed them into place and made the middle panel an opening door.  The lip at the back of the buffet was chipped and broken and also beading around the side panels.  My dad came to give me a hand fixing this one up and I must admit it is looking great after a whole day working on it.

This item is now ready for sale after being refurbished.


When I got this coffee table it looked very tired as all the natural colour has discoloured of the timber and there was lots of stains on the top.

I sanded the top approx 3 times to get the stains out and to make the table top flat. I sprayed painted the table a off white colour and lightly distressed it which gave it a beachy look.

I just love the way it turned out.....this is now ready for sale!


I love working with teak timber and I also love working with this style of furniture which has the curved cabriole style legs.

The table top had slight damage with cup ring marks and scratches so it became an unwanted item which was great for me as it looks better re-vamped anyway.

I painted the base of the table a vivid white colour and lightly distressed it by hand, replaced the handles with glass handles from the UK and painted the top of the table also white but sanded it by hand until the timber started to expose through giving it a very rustic look. 

I just love how the table turned out and it is now for sale.

Sunday, 2 September 2012


I was lucky enough to come across this gorgeous old writing bureau which are quite hard to come by these days.  What I loved most was the ball and claw feet.

All the orginial varnish was cracking and peeling so I gave it a light sand and was surprised it was made of jarrah.  After painting it a light cream/white colour I lightly distressed it giving it a shabby chic look.  I have the original key and all inside is clean and intact.

It is up for sale but I am kind of attached to it....see the before and after pictures below.


Found a gorgeous little timber chair loved the style especially the rolled arms check out the before and after photo

Sunday, 22 April 2012


I was given this solid pine round table by a client and a good friend of mine who asked for it to be white and distressed.

This table will be used in her florist shop as a centre piece to display her flowers.

It has taken me approx 4 hours to complete from start to finish and I must admit it looks great!



Busy week ahead of me have so much furniture to do and little time to do it so I am just going to post all my before & afters of each item I am working on. 

Hope you like the results.  It's great to get back into what I love doing and my nana has picked up a thing or two watching me whilst bathing in the sun.

Saturday, 31 March 2012


As you would have notice there has been no updates on my blog page for quite some time.  I took some time out to travel back to my home town Edinburgh, Scotland to surprise my nana who is 80 years old and bring her back to Australia for a holiday to meet my three kids one of which she had never met.

It was the first holiday I had been with just my mum so it was nice for the two of us to spend some time together and create memories.  I had not seen my brother in just over 4 1/2 years and I was certainly glad to see him again!  Funny how the older you get people become more important in your life and I realised that when I saw my brother how much I actually miss him and how so alike we actually are.

Edinburgh is full of history so of course I was admiring the architecture, culture and of course the shops!  Out of  the two weeks there is only one thing that really stood out to me and that was people in poverty.  A few times we went into Edinburgh and I noticed the same girl on the same corner every time begging for money.  What actually made me look at her was her face she was very pretty but she was extremely sad and looked tired definately a face I would always remember.  Few weeks later on my facebook page my mum's cousin's husband had been taking some photo's in and around Edinburgh and I could not believe it he took a photo of the same young girl who I saw. I wanted to share it with you as it is a face I will never forget.  So thank you John for capturing this photo.

Friday, 27 January 2012


I have many requests daily for coffee tables suitable for indoor or outdoor use.  I thought I would just list all the different styles of coffee tables that I have been refurbished.

What is your favourite style???


I love to refurbish larger pieces of furniture rather than smaller ones.  I was lucky enough to purchase two glass and timber display cabinets but I was sick and tired of doing them white so time to add a splash of colour.

I decided to do my first display cabinet an ash blue colour on the outside and white inside I just loved the colour and after advertising it the cabinet sold in one day.

Now that I have fell in love with this blue colour I was determined the next one would be blue also but with a latte colour inside this turned out amazing.  Without needing to advertise....this one sold instantly.


I was given this lovely barley twist hall stand by a new client of mine who wanted the colour toned down a little.

This hall stand is made of solid jarrah and has about three coats of paint which was all different colours.  The client wanted the hall stand to be white in colour and I recommended bringing the timber and blue colour through the white.  The hooks on the hall stand were a black brass colour so I recommended that they be just black to give it a more rustic twist

This is how it turned out......




Most days I have people come to my home to view my furniture I have refurbished. They style that I do suits a shabby chic, vintage, beachy or french country style home.

Over the years people have become to like second hand furniture rather than go spend thousands in a furniture store.  I love to hand pick all my furniture myself often finding unique and antique pieces which means when I refurbish the furniture my clients get one off pieces that no one else will have.

If you have furniture in your home and you would love to give it a new lease of life to suit your current decor style you can contact me and I can give you a quotation.

Monday, 23 January 2012


I was lucky enough to come across this gorgeous Queen Anne telephone table but it did need a revamp to suit today's decor.

I painted it a vivid white colour and lightly distressed it to go in with the shabby chic look.  The fabric was dated so I went for a modern pin stripe to give it an elegant twist.  This item was listed for sale and sold within four hours for $90

Friday, 20 January 2012


This bench was in need of a little attention

The timber was weathered, dull and it was quite wobbly but with a little TLC it turned out amazing and sold within 1 day

I forgot to take a before shot so you have to just see the finished product


I came across this gorgeous Antique reproduction hall or display stand and it was the carving detail that encourage me to buy it

It had some minor damage during moving house that's why the owner decided to sell it but I knew with a new look it would be here it is




I was lucky enough to come across this gorgeous solid timber teak buffet which had heaps of character and lots of drawers but did not look pretty timber.

It was ready in the garage to be white but someone had caught their eye on it so it was sold but they did not want it white.  I was asked to do what I think was best as it would be staged in a florist shop .  This immediately gave me inspiration for the colour. 

Off I went to Bunnings to choose my colour and there it was "JUICY LIME".  I just loved it when I was finished was quite hard to sell it in the end.  Spray painted the handles black to give it a more rustic and industrial look.

I was luck enough to see it in the shop and it looks fab!!!!!